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Welcome to The Diaspora

The Struggle Continues 

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The struggle continues

Welcome to The Diaspora

The struggle continues

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Make a stunning impact with high quality fashionable clothing. We make clothing for those who look to make an impact while looking their best.  

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I wanted to have a custom piece that represents who I am. Clothing is about the expression of self. Thank you

Lauren Coursey

What originally drew me to COD apparel was a piece I seen that had Stolen African written across it. I love how the apparel is a direct reflection of the owner's and their dedication and awareness towards liberation. Both owners were extremely knowledgeable and you could sense their passion in what they do. You could tell it's much larger than just financial gain. The different between a good business and a great business is great people behind the scenes. I feel as if I'm doing my part by wearing the clothing and spreading awareness through art. Can't wait to see what's next for COD.